Certifiable? Why, Yes!

girl-at-deskSo… we’re back at http://www.naptimenovelist.com.

Surprised?  Shocked?  Or did you fully expect this transition back to my roots?

Brief history:  I started my blog with the name A Naptime Novelist.  It fully expressed my life then:  I wrote and I mothered.  Last year, in a fit of distrust of myself and what I was doing, as well a desire to be more “professional,” I changed the blog to http://www.rhondaortiz.com.  I also changed the way I blogged, focusing more on my literary and intellectual interests and less on poop.  Oh, poop, glorious poop.

Nothing wrong with being professional.  Professional is good.   I consider myself a professional.

This week I received an anticipated but unwelcome email, reminding me that it was time to pay for the next year of web hosting.  This reminded me of my goals in moving to a self-hosted site – goals which I had not met.  Not even one.  It’s hard to justify paying for self-hosting when I’m small-potatoes and when I don’t want advertising on my site.

My decision last year was an impulsive decision.  This is not new.  Being bipolar (and not having it diagnosed until just this past December), I often find myself suffering from my own hasty decisions – it’s symptomatic of the illness.   The decision to change my site disappointed a bunch of folks (okay, my mother and a few friends).  People actually like all the navel-gazing.  And as I returned to more personal blogging, the ethos of The Naptime Novelist rose from the ashes.

After all, I still write and I still mother.  Not much has changed.

So here we are.  Back and crazier than ever.  Enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Certifiable? Why, Yes!

  1. I like it!
    Here’s to hoping the writing continues…..I’ve been thinking about your plot line ever since you told me about it last month on your visit.
    good luck!


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