7QT: We Are Deceptively Delicious

— 1 —

Yes, it’s Sunday, not Friday.  Doesn’t matter, I says.

I love link-ups, but I am resolved to never do a link-up with a blog that I do not read.  I used to write link-ups for blogs that I didn’t read (or didn’t like – not naming names, but there are plenty of super-boring blogs written by SEO experts).  I felt dishonest doing so.  Conversion Diary is the only blog that I read that also does a link-up.  Plus, I love the seven-blatherings-of-random-association format.  Therefore, etc.

But Jennifer hosts 7QTs on Friday.  Fridays are bad.   Fridays are my no-internet/pay attention to my  kids/clean the house day.  But Sundays are good, and the link-up is still open.

I could write my 7QT on Thursday, stay up reaaaaaaaaaaally late, and post my link as soon as her post publishes, early Friday morning.  Being #1 on the list = lots and lots of traffic, and, vain as I am, I love lots and lots of traffic.  But that would require being efficient and and willing to forego sleep and stuff.   Sloth trumps vanity.  Sunday it is.

— 2 —

Did you notice the above parenthetical within the parenthetical?  Between parentheses and exclamation points I’m ruining every hope I had of convincing the Establishment that I’m a Genuine Writer. (By publicly admitting this, the Establishment must therefore excuse my parenthetical happiness, because I’ve admitted it.  Right?)

Oops.  Guess I edited it out.

— 3 —

It’s still Christmas in Catholic Land, so why don’t I share some Christmas Day shots?

Ben smiling.  He usually smiles after we’ve taken the picture, which makes this shot extra-special:


Mimi with the hats my brother’s girlfriend knitted for her:


Somebody knows me:


Playing with the gift Mom and Dad bought him.  Yes, we’re those parents who buy boring educational gifts for our children:


Farm animals from my parents:


They escaped the corral and decided to take the cattle car train (courtesy of my sister-in-law) instead:


— 4 —

My attempt to take idyllic Christmas pictures of my children in front of the crèche at church:







Getting warmer:


The wonders of cropping.  This is better:


Mimi was a bit more compliant:


I need a haircut.

— 5 —

I mentioned the other day that we now know my son has some food allergies.  Since then we’d added tomatoes to the list – he ate a piece of cheeseless pizza and immediately his face turned bright red.

The worst part of this is that he’s picky.  We’ve tried—oh, how we’ve tried!—to introduce new foods.  You can lead a horse to water, but…  you know.  He’s three.   And I’m not willing to starve him into submission every. single. meal.

Fortunately, my friend Kimberly pointed me in the direction of Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld (yes, celebrity-wife cookbook), which I own but never used.  The premise of the cookbook is to slip nutritious food via purees form into food a child already eats, thereby avoiding the “eat your vegetables” battle.

And it’s working.  Sort of.

Attempt One:  Pancakes.  A super-easy recipe. Seinfeld suggests sweet potato, but I used canned pumpkin instead.  Did you know canned pumpkin has a ton of vitamins and minerals?


Result:  He ate them.  Syrup helps.

Attempt Two:  Chocolate pudding made with avocado.  (I don’t have a picture of this.)  The recipe yield says 8-10 servings, but when I made it, it looked like 3-4.  Then we ate it, and, wow.  Delicious, but decadent.  She wasn’t lying: It’s a dessert one must serve in very small portions.

Result:  He ate a few bites.  I think the chocolate was a bit strong for him.  I’ll see if I can adjust the recipe.

Attempt Three: Chicken Nuggets.  She throws a green puree into the egg batter.  We can’t have egg, so I used a flax seed batter instead.


Result:  No way.  Wouldn’t touch the stuff.  Perhaps it was the texture of the panko flakes – I’ll try it again with regular breadcrumbs.

I want to keep trying at this.  The concept is one I already follow, as I slip vegetables into his smoothies. Now that several of his favorite foods have been taken away, I’m open to new ways of deceiving him.  If only there was a way of improving store-bought animal crackers…

— 6 —

I also made soy yogurt yesterday, using these instructions.  Also easy to make.




Result:  He didn’t eat it, not even with cereal and honey. But I think I will.

— 7 —

That’s it for me.  Bacon and pancakes await.  Have a great week!

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3 thoughts on “7QT: We Are Deceptively Delicious

  1. Re: #4, looks suspiciously like my attempts at Precious Family Photo Moments. Oh 3 year olds…
    Re: #5, I have seen that cookbook, but haven’t tried anything from it yet. Here are some things I have tried, though, that worked for us.
    1. Using veggie baby food (because it is pureed to within an inch of its life) I spread a layer of the baby food underneath the PB and the J in a sandwich. Also did this with quesadillas. I used a yam/carrot/sweet potato type of thing, though, not anything green (too suspicious).
    2. Stirred baby food puree into mac and cheese. This also works well, and now I actually make our homemade mac and cheese with some veggie puree when I have it around.
    3. Is he able to eat wheat? Barilla makes some good veggie/whole wheat noodles.
    4. I have tried the avocado chocolate pudding (someone else’s recipe) and it is AMAZING and rich. But my fam turned up their noses because, well, the color and texture were a bit reminiscent of something unpleasant.
    And how did you get the yogurt to work???? I tried making yogurt (not soy, just regular cow milk) in a crockpot and it came out a watery gross mess. I will have to investigate further, I guess.


    • I’ll have to try the puree on the underside of PBJ (or SSBJ – sunflower seed butter…). He eats one of those every day, pretty much, so that’ll definitely work.

      Yogurt: I’ve heard of people using tapioca, plain gelatin, even cornstarch (I think) to thicken it up, Supposed to add it when we add the starter yogurt. Ours did come out runny – sort of the consistency of kefir. We didn’t mind it. So far I’m not a big fan of the flavor. I’d like to try rice milk next.


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