7QT: Real Housekeeping, Hair, God, and More Real Housekeeping

Joining Jen and the gang.  As always.

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Just in case you missed it (and I’m not sure that you could have, given how shameless I’ve been in Social Media Land), Real Housekeeping launched on Monday:


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I love being in the captain’s seat.

Editing is awesome.   I have the pleasure of reading ingenious, creative articles from many wonderful writers BEFORE y’all get to read them. Neener-neener-neener!

Seriously, though.  I love working with others to polish up their pieces.  I love that feeling of excitement of seeing their work receive the accolades they deserve.

Screenshot from 2014-02-14 05:58:02

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I picked up the January issue of The Sun, their 40th Anniversary issue, at the doctor’s office the other day. (Really, what kind of doctor’s office has issues of The Sun floating around? Little highbrow, don’t you think?) Reading an interview with Sun founder Sy Safransky, I was struck by this:

Kendall: You often refer to God in your Notebook, but you rarely disclose definite beliefs.  What do you think of God?

Safransky: First, I want to know what God thinks of me! [Laughter.] On second thought, strike that. [Long pause, sigh.] Look, it’s hard for me to talk about God, and not because I’m trying to be evasive.  It’s because there’s an obvious dilemma in trying to express the inexpressible.  When I was a kid, I was taught in Hebrew school that it was a sin to speak or write the Hebrew name for “God,” that it would make God angry if we used his “real” name.  In recent years, it occurred to me what might be behind this injunction: since whatever we mean by “God” is, in fact, nameless and unknowable, it’s good to remind ourselves, every time we use the word, that there really isn’t a word for what we’re trying to express.  Groucho Marx said he wouldn’t want to belong to any club that would accept him as a member.  Well, I wouldn’t want to believe in any God that I could comprehend.

I both completely agree and completely disagree with Safransky’s moving account of God’s unknowability.  God is unfathomable, and, like him, I wouldn’t want God to be something bounded by my capacity of understanding.

And as a Christian, I believe God also reaches across this impenetrable divide and reveals himself to us in the Incarnation.

That said, I resonated with many things Safransky expressed in this interview.  If you have a chance to pick it up, do.

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On to even deeper theological waters…

…my HAIR.


Please help.  Please help my hair. What am I going to DO with this thick, heavy, coarse, wavy/curly/straight hair?

Long Hair Pros: Shows off the natural goodness that is my hair, thank you, God.  My husband likes it long (it’s a man thing, right?).  Also goes into a ponytail for working out.

Long Hair Cons: It’s heavy.  It falls in my face, which drives me cray-zee.  It goes into a ponytail far too often—like, 99.9% of the time—because I’m NOT willing to spend 30 minutes blow drying it.  I’m not sure I could find a mousse-scrunch-and-go kind of long hair style.

Short Hair Pros: A bob is an easy cut for me—speaking of mousse-scrunch-and-go.

Short Hair Cons:  I don’t care for the way layering looks on me.  Heavy layers are not my style, and light layering makes my hair mushroom out over my ears.   The cost of keeping up short hair can really add up.  Plus, I can’t pull my hair off my neck when I’m going for a run.


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I’ve got 14 minutes before I need to wrap this post up.

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Let’s do some pictures!  Everybody likes pictures!



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ethel_250Out of time.   But before I go…

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Ethel thanks you.

Muchas gracias & adios.

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21 thoughts on “7QT: Real Housekeeping, Hair, God, and More Real Housekeeping

  1. The kids are adorable. You can never go wrong with adding cute kid photos. :)
    As for the hair, I feel your pain. I have similar hair. Finally, after years of not knowing what to do, I splurged and went to a real salon with people who really knew hair. She found the perfect way to cut it and style it. It was pricier than Joe Schmoe hair cut places, but for the first cut and instructions on how to do it, it was worth it. I now go to Great Clips and tell them how to cut it just like the salon lady told me. Perhaps you could try it. (in the end, I chose short with lots of layers and let it go curly. I only get my hair cut once every 5-7 months, but it works.)
    I’d think editing would be a great job, unless I didn’t like the book. Oh, the awkwardness I’d feel.


    • First of all…. yes I am reading this at 8:41am. Second of all I have been cutting my hair at a spensy salon for over a year, and after watching the Little Women with Winona Ryder, I am inspired to grow my hair out looooooooong. ;) It is such a stark contrast when she sells her hair and it’s suddenly…. my length, and… it looks scary. (Google winona ryder little women images and you will see what i mean.)


    • Yes, biting the bullet and getting a *real* haircut… I like your idea of getting it once then replicating it elsewhere. Also, a long hairstyle could go longer between cuts, especially as I have healthy hair (it’s not colored)… thinking, thinking…


    • THIS! Definitely find someone who knows what to do with hair with texture and learn to do what they do – for years I just straightened my hair because I didn’t really understand the kinks, but actually being able to embrace the waves has made life so much easier! I’d go for long layers and find a wash-and-wear style. Look up “hair plopping” too – it’s a weird term, but it’s SO mom-friendly and people will think your hair looks fabulous!


      • Okay, I looked it up—I’ve done this, sort of — I have a turban-style hair towel —but *without* product, so it never stayed. And you’re right, my hair always *did* look better. So, if I invest in a good long cut and then plop it, I could get away with not blowdrying AND still have nice looking long hair. Win-win, I think. Thanks, Rosie!


  2. Oh sister dear, my little niece and nephew are getting cuter everyday. We miss them… As for your hair, it may be time to bite the bullet and give it a little extra effort in the morning, as much as I know that pains you. Perhaps a simple, time efficient place to start is with some curling mousse and a blow drier with a diffuser attachment. 10 minutes with that on a cool to low-heat setting will bring out extra curl so you’re not stuck in that in-between curly/wavy/straight phase that air drying creates. Plus I always find it works well with any length of hair. And then say you have a special occasion where you want to look extra polished then you can take a curling iron to help tame it.


  3. Adorable children! Just a few quick words about the hair. I think you look lovely with long hair! If you have curly/wavy hair, get the Curly girl book. Everyone in Hyattsville loves it, crunchy and not crunchy alike. If you keep it long. Get some Flexi-8 clips. They are the only thing that will keep my thick heavy hair up and they last all day long. Seriously. The hair styles are elegant and the clips are so pretty! There’s a link to a good consultant to buy from on the “favorites” page on my website. I will teach you all of my tricks if you decide to go that way :-). I don’t make any money from promoting them, btw, I just love them that much!


  4. Ugh, my hair is the exact opposite of yours and I have no idea what to do with mine, either! Good luck! At least you have volume, instead of my limp wimpy baby hair. :)


  5. Hey, when you figure out the hair conundrum, do let me know. I am in the EXACT SAME BOAT…were we separated at birth?! It’s long, curl-wavy, thick as all get out, and I don’t have the $$ to keep it short and maintained, but I hate it getting in my face, always keep it in a pony, and I don’t even own a blowdryer anymore. Oh, and the gray hairs are really ramping up production. What the heck? And also, why do the hubbies like long hair? Mine, being a good man, says it looks good at just about any time, but definitely prefers it long. I prefer it short. Oh dear.


    • I have a good man, too, who never complains one way or the other. But he does prefer it long. It seems like I’ve been given a lot of good suggestions above… even my sister and her blow-dryer bit, ha. ;-)


  6. The kids are so cute! About the hair, we are all cursed with that Fox THICK hair. My stylist gets around it by thinning it out with thinning shears. However, that means you actually have to go to the stylist and spend the $30 lol! It is worth it! Also, I agree with Christy. BLOW DRY! If I don’t blow dry my hair with a little product I have a huge, frizzy mess. CURSE YOU FOX GENES!!!


    • LOL. Of course, I’ll one-up you and complain that the Franklin girls get it from both sides of our family—my dad’s parents both have thick hair, and my grandmother’s is coarse like ours. Le sigh. But I “plopped” it today and it worked pretty well! A good cut is next up on the list.


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