Day 5 of 7: Veni, vidi, non vincere.

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Yep.  Still here.


Post title courtesy of Google Translate.

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So, dude.  Yesterday I penned and shared all my wonderful thoughts about time management.  Nice thoughts, they were.

But I should have known that, as soon as I posted them, my day would turn into one of those days.  Murphy’s Law, of course.

My sitter had food poisoning.  We were out of food and had to go to the store, despite the snow and single-digit temps.  I forgot to feed Ben before we left.   Whining, moaning, frustration, money being spent, writing not being done, etc., etc., etc.   By the time I had a chance to breathe, it was 3 p.m. and almost time to start dinner.

Time management. Heh.

I should make a list: Topics I Should Never, Ever Blog About.

— 3 —

Took the kids to the expensive-but-totally-awesome indoor playground today so that I could finish two articles.


— 4 —


— 5 —


— 6 —

Can I put in a plug for my gal Jenny Cook?  Yes, she’s my friend, and yes, she’s one of several AWESOME writers over at Real Housekeeping, but I need ALL of you to BELIEVE me when I say Jenny’s stuff is worth reading.

Exhibit A:


Click here or on the picture. Do it. Now.

Exhibit B:  Awesome money-making schemes when in a pinch.

Exhibit C:  Honesty.

And that was just this week alone.

— 7 —

Pictures!  Yeah!  Cute baby as Quick Takes filler!

mimi mug shot

Well, I showed up to write.  That counts for something.

Now go read someone else.

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5 thoughts on “Day 5 of 7: Veni, vidi, non vincere.

  1. I firmly believe that time management is a concept for MOST days, but perhaps not ALL days. After all, how grateful would you be for a well-managed day if you didn’t have the chaos to compare it to? Seriously, though- you seem to be accomplishing an awful lot from where I’m standing.


    • You know, I have to keep remembering that. I *have* been gifted with an incredibly hyperactive, busy-bee personality that can go-go-go-go. Sometimes these oddball days can be a reminder to have some downtime, or, at least, spend time on my other priorities —- house and home. If I embrace them when they come, then they turn into something happy.

      Yesterday morning my son was up early (again) and I dawdled about sitting down to my morning prayers (again). So he was crawling all over me as I sat on the couch, ready for prayer. Then, from somewhere, I was inspired to pull out a Rosary for him and for me, along with a Rosary booklet with artwork in it. We snuggled and prayed a decade together. It’s a small success, but I feel happy about it—all too often I’m nagging him to leave Mommy alone in that situation.

      So, yeah, embracing things as they come.


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