Looking to Give the Best Birthday Gift Ever?

Today is the anniversary of my launch from the womb.  And I’m totally going to go shameless on you and use it for self-promotion.

ethel_250Rhonda’s Birthday Wish List:

  1. Go to my latest online project, Real Housekeeping (www.realhousekeeping.com).
  2. Read as many articles as you have time for.
  3. Leave comments on them all.
  4. Share.  Click those little social media button thingies at the bottom.

Then come back over to my place and we’ll blow out the candles on my cake.  Thank you, everyone!

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10 thoughts on “Looking to Give the Best Birthday Gift Ever?

  1. What if I’ve already read them all :P

    Happy Birthday!! Blessings on your day and year – Michelle

  2. AHHH! What if I tweet and share them – force my husband to act them all out and take pictures? Do I win the Rhonda Birthday Hall of Fame spot? Happy Birthday! (you know I’m all over RH like a wet T-shirt!)

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